The best teachers
teach from the heart
not from the book

The best teachers
teach from the heart
not from the book

Learn Spanish
your way

Rather than being assigned to a class, Learn Spanish With Ana encourages you to form your own groups. If it’s easier for you to learn Spanish together, let’s do it.

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General Spanish

Learn Spanish in preparation for your next trip or to impress your mother in law! Our lessons are dynamic, current, and practical – we want you to have fun while you learn and explore topics of interest to you. We welcome students of all ages and abilities.

HSC & IB Tutoring

Say adiós to your HSC & IB studies in style. At Learn Spanish with Ana we can get you speaking Spanish with more fluency in time to smash those exams. Whatever your level, we can ensure better results, and hopefully, take away some of that HSC stress.


We focus on your abilities to help you achieve a high distinction mark.
Due to the tailored nature of our approach, you can come to us at any stage of your University Spanish course. We will assess where you are at and work with you to fill in the gaps by identifying and working on challenges.

Private lessons

Taking private 1-to-1 lessons with Learn Spanish with Ana is one of the most effective ways to build your confidence and skills when preparing for HSC exams. Lessons are tailored to your level and are delivered in a fun and supportive environment at your own pace. Our teachers focus on providing constructive feedback and encouragement to promote learning and retention.

Mini-group course

Mini-group classes are fantastic if you want to learn basic vocabulary, improve your confidence in general conversation, and if you like to collaborate with other students. They’re a great opportunity to practice your Spanish in real situations as you progress through the Learn Spanish with Ana learning framework. We keep group lessons to a maximum of six (6) students to ensure everyone can participate.

Group lessons are best for students who are:
· Just beginning their Spanish learning journey
· Preparing for an upcoming trip to a Spanish-speaking country
· Wanting to make new friends with a common passion
· Comfortable learning within a group environment
· Looking for the most affordable option.

And don’t worry! You can rest assured that you will be able to enjoy the social interaction while receiving plenty of personalised attention from your teacher throughout the lesson.

Online lessons

For students unable to attend our Potts Point (Sydney) classroom, we offer a virtual classroom that supports both 1-to-1 tailored private lessons.

Whether you are based in NSW or living interstate, don’t let location get in the way of your Spanish language learning goals. With online lessons you can start preparing for your HSC examinations or your next holiday from the comfort of your own home.

How to learn Spanish

With the guidance of Ana and her passionate team, you are encouraged to set the pace for your own learning. Our classes build skills and confidence by helping you navigate the challenges of immersing yourself in the study of a new language and culture. With Ana by your side, you have a personal tour guide of the Spanish language and a coach who will help you reach for your Spanish language sueños (dreams).

As a student, you will naturally progress at a different rhythm and rate compared to others. We observe and assess your levels, strengths, and areas for improvement through a process Ana has developed over the past 10 years. This attention to detail allows your lessons to be built around your circumstances, instead of a one-size-fits-all template. This means we can provide comfortable goal-focused support while keeping your stress levels down.

Who you learn from

From day one until the completion of your language learning goals, and even beyond, Ana and her team of skilled teachers are your go-to. Unlike traditional Spanish schools, you are not assigned the first or last available tutor, and you definitely will not be crammed into a packed classroom. You will be assigned an enthusiastic educator who is a native Spanish speaker, and lives and breathes Spanish culture.

Remember, the journey of learning a new language is just as memorable as the destination. In fact, the positive impact stretches well beyond your Spanish language learning outcomes. Many students notice improvements in their overall confidence and communication skills after studying Spanish with us.

How we get results

Learning a language shouldn’t be a strict or rigid experience. When you allow your personality to shine, your ability to learn and communicate skyrockets. Learn Spanish with Ana embraces the freedom to learn with laughter instead of punishing errors. Mistakes and slip-ups are a totally natural part of the language learning process. Our classrooms provide a safe and comfortable environment where embarrassment is left at the door.

Learn Spanish with Ana helps you set your learning pace and provides dedicated guidance to keep you on track. We adapt our approach to meet your learning needs, from university students looking to deepen their knowledge in pursuit of a high distinction, through to casual learners with a general interest. All classes are taught by passionate profesores de español (Spanish teachers), following Ana’s proven methods for effective learning.

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Format : VIRTUAL 

Real time online classes. We use Zoom or video call using faceTime & WhatsApp . Course’s content will be provided in advance on Google docs or via email.

You choose the length of the class as : • 1h • 1.5 h • 2h

And the weekly frequency as per : • Once  • Twice • More

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