Why Spanish?

A new language is a creative way to flex your mind. With Spanish being one of the world’s most phonetically logical languages, trust us, it’s never too late.

Why Spanish?

A new language is a creative way to flex your mind. With Spanish being one of the world’s most phonetically logical languages, trust us, it’s never too late.

One language sets you in a corridor for life.
Two languages open every door along the way.

Frank Smith

¿Por qué no? Why not?

Besides being able to chat with an estimated 559 million people, it’s a super fun language, packed with history, culture, and vibrant energy. If you are one of those people that has always wanted to learn another language, even if just to ‘chit-chat’, then Spanish is perfecto for you! You might want to develop your Spanish language skills to be able to speak to your partner’s family or to your Spanish-speaking client. Let Spanish expand your horizons! 

You will be surprised how quickly you can master the language. Regardless of your current ability or desires for learning and developing your Spanish, Ana and her team are here to help.

Why Ana?

Learning Spanish with Ana is your gateway to the rest of the world

The best way to learn Spanish is simply to fall in love with it. At Learn Spanish with Ana, Spanish is taught from the heart. Our philosophy is to have fun with Spanish and let the learning happen organically. We ensure lessons remain dynamic, fresh, and fun. Without costly textbooks, we create classes from materials relevant to your needs and interests. At LSWA, we offer a variety of flexible learning packages for you to choose from. So, will you be speaking Spanish from day one? Sí, of course! We’re Spanish natives. And we’re bueno!

At Learn Spanish with Ana, we are experienced and creative educators who are committed to helping you achieve your language goals. As a team, we pride ourselves on our open and approachable style, while delivering fun and accessible teaching of the highest standard. We believe learning a language increases cultural awareness and deepens one’s understanding of the world and empathy towards others. We also care about the environment and have a strong focus on sustainable and eco-friendly practices.

We would love to be a part of your español journey. Call us today to get started. ¡Vamos! (Let’s go!)

Frequently asked questions

Is learning Spanish hard?

Compared to English? No, it is a simple, logical language with far less complexity than English. For example, English has fourteen vowels sounds, whereas Spanish has 5… because who needs an extra 9 vowels! With Learn Spanish with Ana as your secret weapon, you will be shown the most effective learning techniques based on your goals. HSC students will be taught more academic principles based on the NSW curriculum. Travellers will be immersed in the culture and conversational strings. Those learning for professional reasons will learn formal business communication, from job titles and learning the structure of writing emails, to learning the lingo of their industry. Learn Spanish with Ana’s tips, tricks, and passion will help you on your journey.

Do I need to learn Spanish for my holiday?

Yes! Say ‘adiós’ to those dispirited travel restrictions and celebrate the brighter days of freedom that await! The team at Learn Spanish with Ana will work with you to develop your conversational skills or ‘chit-chat,’ as Ana calls it. This will make your holidays richer, more vibrant, and definitely a delectable experience in communication! Proudly ask “dónde está el baño?” after your second cerveza! You will forge lasting relationships and memories that will leave lifelong impressions on your soul.

How can I use Spanish at work?

¡Sí señor! Want to improve your resume and impress your colleagues and clients with your ability to casually hop from one language to another? Or need the basics before relocating to Spain or any other Spanish speaking country? Learn Spanish with Ana will enable you to not only swing open doors professionally but also culturally. Ana has extensive experience working within the energy sector (Origen), with winemakers (Pernod Ricard), and within communications and technology. 


Demand for bilingual and multilingual teams has been increasing in all industries for decades. Don’t get left behind! You will learn to speak organically, enabling you to stand out with people believing there is Spanish blood flowing in your veins. Your ability to recognise, understand, and empathise with cultural differences will also be paramount in your Spanish training.

How will Spanish enhance my well-being?

Want to keep your mind fresh and agile? Learn a language! The benefits reach well beyond cultural experiences. A growing body of research around the world is producing incredible results regarding the positive effect that learning a new language can have on individuals of all ages. Individuals who learn one or more languages frequently display elevated abilities in communication and flexible thinking. Some studies go as far as showing the ability to delay onset symptoms of Alzheimer’s disease. Learning a second language takes work and makes the brain work harder. Using multiple languages challenges the mind, creating new neural pathways when others begin to fade with age. Not to mention the ‘buzz’ you will experience when it all ‘clicks’ and you catch yourself having a conversation like a local, understanding a song, or not having to read the subtitles!

How long does it take to speak Spanish?

This is the most frequent question we are asked. The answer is this… it depends on various factors. At Learn Spanish with Ana, we estimate that it will take 100-150 hours plus 15 minutes per day completing targeted homework and reviewing what you have learned. Our experience has shown us that, on average, to develop basic conversational fluency, present, past and future tenses, and a basic level of vocabulary, the learner would need to spend one hour per week in lessons. With this level of education, you will be able to speak Spanish enough to travel to a Spanish-speaking country with confidence, communicate with a loved one, or use Spanish in a work setting. For this to be most effective, one-on-one private lessons are recommended as it is just you and your Spanish teacher.

What is the format of the lessons?

HSC and International Baccalaureate Spanish students can choose to have their tutoring in a one-on-one or group format. We work with the NSW school calendar, divided into four terms. Students will select a day and time that will be fixed for the school year. We welcome both pairs and groups of students so don’t hesitate to ask your friends to come along. Depending on your goals and your current Spanish levels, we’ll recommend an appropriate number of lessons to get you on track and ensure your examinations are a breeze.


University and adult students can choose to have their Spanish tutoring in a one-on-one format. Students will select a day and time that will be fixed for 12 weeks. This can also be offered in a pair or group of students format.

How are the lessons structured?

All HSC students that are enrolled in Spanish Beginners, Continuers, and Extension as well as IB Spanish Ab Initio will receive tailored learning plans. So, first up, we will assess your current level of Spanish, both spoken and written. It won’t be a stressful examination or anything of that nature, we promise! We will simply have a structured conversation to determine your exact needs. You will then have a custom program aimed at developing your Spanish with exponential speed and accuracy. Our tutors have the experience and ability to ensure all areas of the curriculum are covered…  with a bit more added on!

When should I start Spanish tutoring?

Last week! Jajaja! There is no time like the present! For maximum results and enjoyment, we ideally like to work with our HSC and IB Spanish students from Term One of Year 11 and onwards. This allows us to set a solid foundation for learning Spanish and reduces the learning curve prior to the commencement of Year 12. 


For those students learning through NSW School of Languages, we would like to start with you before Year 12 in order to familiarise you with the content and units ahead.


Of course, we accept students who have already commenced Year 12. Due to the flexibility and tailored nature of our approach, we can jump in at any stage and help you get on track. All it takes is commitment, a little passion, and hard work… And yes, we have been known to make it fun!


University students normally find us when they have already started their course. We will assess where you are at in the course and work with you to fill in the gaps by identifying and working on challenges. We focus on your abilities to help you achieve a high distinction mark. 


Adult students come to us for a variety of reasons including general interest, business requirements, travel, and furthering education. 


“After only a few months with Ana, I received 90% in my HSC trial. Her friendly spirit, determined nature, and thorough understanding of Spanish made learning a foreign language so much more engaging and interesting. I would 100% recommend Ana to anyone.”Liv McKay

Why is Learn Spanish with Ana a good option?

Our many years of experience enable us to provide a balanced approach with proven outcomes. We have fun whilst providing tailored content lessons, and we know the HSC and IB curriculum intimately. This means that we can assist you to maximise the benefit of a scaled up HSC score by undertaking a language in your final high school years, as described on the NESA website.

Who will be your Spanish teacher?

Initially, you will meet with Ana to be assessed. Based on your current level of ability and availability, you will be assigned to one of our highly dedicated Spanish tutors. If you have any questions about this process or about your assigned tutor, be sure to let us know. Rest assured, ALL of our Spanish teachers are fully qualified, experienced, and personally vetted by Ana.

Thank you for thinking of us!

Lo siento - I'm sorry

Format : VIRTUAL 

Real time online classes. We use Zoom or video call using faceTime & WhatsApp . Course’s content will be provided in advance on Google docs or via email.

You choose the length of the class as : • 1h • 1.5 h • 2h

And the weekly frequency as per : • Once  • Twice • More

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