Why Spanish?

At LSWA we decipher what you want to achieve from Spanish lessons:

Planning a trip to a Spanish speaking country? You may well be! It’s the second most common ‘first language’ in the world. We can help you to enjoy the experience even more.
Back from exchange in the Spanish speaking world? Treasure your Spanish tongue like you treasure your memories. LSWA keeps your new skills alive.
Hunting for jobs in a Spanish speaking country? Get a head start and hit Spanish or Latin American soil with confidence.
Looking for fun and a challenge? A new language is a creative way to flex your mind. With Spanish being one of the world’s most phonetically logical languages, trust us, it’s never too late.

Quick Tips

Write in Spanish

Spanish is written the same way as it’s pronounced, so get hands on and start learning the basic grammar, which is straightforward enough so that you can have meaningful communication after only a few lessons.

Speak in Spanish

Spanish is one of the easiest foreign languages to learn. Pronounce all the letters except for the ‘h’ or ‘Hache’ in Spanish as it is silent and learn the alphabet by heart and you will pretty much speaking Spanish!

Feel in Spanish

The quickest way to learn a foreign language is falling in love with it. Find your way!