Why LSWAna?


pensar en espaÑOL



The LSWA advantage: every course is tailored to individual student needs. Without the distraction of a large classroom, LSWA is your private Spanish tutor. We let students determine their own course pace. That means better experiences and smoother learning curves than traditional institutes. Why? LSWA moves with your confidence and your own ability. Our philosophy is to have fun with Spanish.
We allow lessons to stay dynamic, current, fresh and fun. Without costly books, LSWA creates classes from materials relevant to individual needs, hobbies and interests. And we allow students to choose from a variety of rates/durations/schedules. So, will you be speaking Spanish from day 1? Si, of course! We’re Spanish natives. And we’re bueno.

Quick Tips

Write in Spanish

Spanish is written the same way as it’s pronounced, so get hands on and start learning the basic grammar, which is straightforward enough so that you can have meaningful communication after only a few lessons.

Speak in Spanish

Spanish is one of the easiest foreign languages to learn. Pronounce all the letters except for the ‘h’ or ‘Hache’ in Spanish as it is silent and learn the alphabet by heart and you will pretty much speaking Spanish!

Feel in Spanish

The quickest way to learn a foreign language is falling in love with it. Find your way!